5 minute Chocolate Cake..

I had no idea this was even possible!! It’s almost like my dreams have come true! I woke up at 5am to hear the people on the radio talking about 5 minute Chocolate cake that can be made in the microwave! Where the hell have I been lately?!

Here is a picture and a link to the recipe. MMM CHOCOLATEY DELIGHT!!!


5-minute Chocolate Cake

Now that I have found this I’m going to have to see what other desserts I can whip up in a jam! I always have all the ingredients needed in this recipe in my baking cupboard anyways!

Mug Brownie


Mug Brownie



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Guest Room Ideas

Our guest room feels soo boring. The beige paint… the beige walls… well that really explains the whole condo. I just want people to come and feel so welcome and relaxed in the space, just like it was meant for them on their get away. The problems that I am running into is that I NEED this room to be functional. It doubles as our home office, as well as a hang out place when we use the vaporizer. Thank goodness the closet is pretty big, but it’s full.. Time to get rid of old shit and in with the new.

I love this room below, the wall stripes makes the space feel bigger.


Perhaps I could design it similar to a hotel room…

small bedroom bed e1283309453875 10 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Larger

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Hello world!

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