Marketplace tv- Superbug in the Supermarket

Superbug in the Supermarket!

If you haven’t seen this episode of Marketplace yet, I suggest you do. It is about how terrible chicken is and how it has so many different super bugs living in it, and between 5-8 antibiotics in ALL store brands of chicken… this is just insane and completely devistating at the same time. This just backs up my wanting of having a local and organic diet. Where we live there are a lot of orchards and quite a few farms just outside of our doorstep. We get fresh eggs from the people 5 minutes down the road. I would really like to start getting some fresh killed farm chickens. Free of everything. No bad stuff. No hormones and no nasty feces and no anti biotics. But apparently it is in the feed so I would want to investigate what these people feed the chicken. Back to this show…. 5 different types of anti biotics found  in “anti-biotic free” this is such a blow…

They say that the best way to change our food is to write our MP’s and demand that we have anti-biotic free chicken and that what is happening is completely unacceptable. I know I for sure will be doing this. Another good way to change what is out there is the way we shop! The way we shop shows what we accept and do NOT accept. If no one buys the regular chicken “organic” or not, and everyone only buys the anti biotic free, then that will open up the market and make it more readily available for us in a mass quantity. At this point chickens no longer are raised properly, there are thousands of them all on top of eachother in a filthy, unsanitary, disease filled pen. farmers only have to give them something stupid like 5 minutes of sunlight daily, how pathetic is that, and we eat that…. not anymore…


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