Decorate My (Rental) Condo

Well right now we live in a rental and to say the least it is a little 1990’s drab… Beige walls and carpets, old ugly white melamine cabinets with wooden handle trim.. Eew. I’ll have to get some pictures up for you all to see. After living here for over 2 years I’ve finally decided what the hell, I’m finally going to decorate this place to my liking. After all… Isn’t that what rentals are for? to experiment? I think so…

So here is my list of things that I don’t like.. and a few possible thoughts on what I could change about them.

  • The Kitchen – the cabinets are soo blah.. I would love to give them a little sand and a fresh coat of some beautiful creamy white paint and add some brushed nickel knobs and pulls… I think it would make this place much much better. We also don’t have a backsplash, it’s just more beige paint (Yippee!) but I recently saw some fabulous wall paper online that could be used as a backsplash and I think this might be a great idea!. A blue/green tinted white subway tile look. Not too much and not too little and it would work with the tones in the countertop.
  • The Entryway – Holy boring. You just walk in. That’s it. It’s not welcoming at all, I can never wait to get out of there. I do have a little rug from Ikea to keep our shoes on but that’s it. I’m thinking maybe a new half table up against the wall with a vase and a little basket to hold keys. Maybe a mirror above it. Or a frame with chalkboard paint inside. And a small lamp.
  • The Living Room – I don’t know anymore if this space is ok or not. I used to be proud of it. Now I’m bored of it. It feels like it’s lacking something. More than just stuff on the walls. It would be nice to get a sectional one day but that is a lot of money. I’d also like to get one of those big wall units to use as a bookshelf and display cabinet from Ikea. They really aren’t that much money for the amount that it changes the space. It would also be nice to have some hanging plants, maybe some ferns. And I should add a curtain rod and some curtains on the side of the window. It would create more drama. I just need some help on what colours and what I should keep and what should change. If I got a slipcover for the leather couch in a neutral colour things would blend well but then we take a lot of colour out of the room.
  • Guest/Husbands Bathroom- Need some decorations up on the wall… maybe driftwood or some beachy things. Not sure what else we could do other than repainting the cabinets to match the kitchen
  • Master Bedroom- Well we have artwork.. just need to put it up but the hubby isn’t so good at getting any jobs around the house done no matter now minor they are. I’d like to either refinish all the furniture or get all new set. Need to make a headboard. Get some more throw pillows and a nice throw blanket. Nice dressing chair for the corner. New bookshelf/laundry shelf in the corner.

About sushimama

I'm a newly wed that loves most things domestic! Other than cleaning. I'm into design and decorating, cooking and gardening. I love animals, especially cats, dogs and horses. I love to have people over and to entertain, it's one of the things I think I do relatively well.
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